Pro-Abortion Falkenberg Breaks From Senate Dems; Urges Passage of Deuell WHP Bill, SB 1854

Even pro-abortion, pro-Planned Parenthood writers are realizing that women are more important than Planned Parenthood and that PP’s donors can support them on their own, if the Planned Parenthood’s tax dollar funding stream is finally cut off. Details here.

Warning, this article above is very hostile toward the protection of innocent human life with an over-the-top negative and near hateful attitude toward efforts to inform women about “choices.”

The author of this article seems to agree with Cecil Richards of Planned Parenthood that this bill is a “poison pill”.  Nonsense.  The clear reality that this article partially makes clear is that when it comes to women, family planning, and tax dollars, Planned Parenthood is the posison pill.  That’s why eventually, Republicans and Democrats will agree to shut them out.

The discussion is about supporting SB 1854, by Sen. Bob Deuell (R-Greenville).

By the way, I assume that tax dollars are not being used to pay for all ads that Planned Parenthood is running these days on websites and highway billboards.  Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t see the very fine print the first time, that clears this issue up.

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