Planned Parenthood Sex-Ed Not Radical Enough, AISD Proposes Canadian Curriculum to Indoctrinate Children

Despite continued opposition from parents and concerned citizens, Austin ISD is still pushing forward with radical sex-education curriculum designed to indoctrinate children, as young as the third grade, into the LGBT agenda.

After indicating they had abandoned plans to use Planned Parenthood’s Get Real curriculum (originally proposed in grades 6-8) because of SB 22, a new law signed by Governor Abbott that prohibits local governments from contracting with abortion providers, AISD has quietly revealed their “revised” middle school curriculum and is asking for feedback.

Unfortunately, as we have previously warned, the “revised” curriculum is just as radical and inappropriate as Planned Parenthood’s. In fact, despite AISD’s claim to have developed this curriculum “internally,” most of the curriculum seems to come from Canadian pro-LGBT abortion providers. Make no mistake, AISD’s revised curriculum shares the same legal (and moral) concerns as Planned Parenthood’s Get Real.

AISD’s continued lack of transparency also remains a concern as the district is only currently encouraging AISD parents with a “Parent Cloud” account to download and review the curriculum and take the lesson review survey.

We believe every AISD parent, concerned citizen, and taxpayer has the right to review this radical curriculum. We also believe all concerned citizens in AISD should take the survey to express their concern. The deadline to submit AISD’s Sex-Ed Lesson Review Survey is Wednesday, September 25.

View AISD’s revised 6th grade curriculum

View AISD’s revised 7th grade curriculum

View AISD’s revised 8th grade curriculum

Take AISD’s Sex-Ed Lesson Review Survey

We have also put together a brief rundown (including pictures) of just some of the inappropriate, egregious, and factually inaccurate materials AISD wants to use to indoctrinate children:

Main lesson objective is to promote the LGBT agenda and teach children to “denounce inequality.” Presumably this would include teaching students to denounce other children that hold to the biblical view of marriage and sexuality.

Falsely teaches children their gender is not determined by biological sex. Inaccurately teaches that doctors “decide” what sex a baby is.

Children watch a highly-sexualized video promoting homosexuality behavior. You can watch the video here, viewer discretion advised.

Students in 6th grade (12 year olds) are read a scenario where an 8th grader (14 year old) enters into a romantic and physical relationship with a 17 year old boy who lives alone and the 8th grader keeps it secret from their parents and friends.

List several sexualities, but heterosexuality is not mentioned. Instead, homophobia is mentioned.

Teaches children to challenge homophobia, which is merely described as discrimination.

Students are told to attend pride rallies and be advocates for the LGBT political agenda.

Teaches 6th graders (12 year olds) that the age of consent is 16, when the age of consent in the state of Texas is actually 17. The curriculum is from Canada, which happens to be a different country with a different set of laws that would not apply to anywhere in the United States.

Promotes gender confusion:

Large portions of the curriculum come from two Canadian Health providers that provide Abortion and “Gender Reassignment/ Gender transitioning” services.

Austin ISD has announced their planned schedule to approve the new sex education curriculum:

• September 26 – October 1, 2019: AISD Staff will review parent feedback on all DRAFT lessons and revise lessons accordingly
• October 2, 2019: Revised lessons sent to SHAC for review and recommendation to the Board of Trustees
• October 28, 2019: Board of Trustees will vote on proposed MS HSR Lessons
• November 8, 2019: FINAL 3-8 HSR lessons will be available on the Parent Cloud and in School Libraries
• January, 2020: Teachers will participate in Foundational Teacher Training
• By March 23, 2020: Principals will send invitations to campus-level HSR Parent Orientation
• By April 3, 2020: Parents will receive OPT-OUT notifications
• May, 2020: FINAL 3-8 HSR Lessons will be taught in all schools

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