Planned Parenthood: Kindergarten Not Too Early To Start Sex Education; Nueces County Leaders Lay Down for PP

You read last week how the Nueces County Hospital District (NCHD) voted to give Planned Parenthood $70,000 of government funding for sex education in the Corpus Christi area (we testified against this action at the meeting).

We have also heard all the negative talk about the perceived state of affairs in Texas and in Corpus Christi as it relates to teen births and pregnancy because of the false claims and distortion and misstatements being made about abstinence education in Texas. 

Quick Facts:  Teenage Birthrate in 1991 = 78

                          Teenage Birthrate in 2006 = 63

                         (Texas: per 1,ooo females aged 15-19)(Source: ChildTrends, Sept. 2009)

In case you are a member of the media or you are just confused by the Austin liberals, that’s a dramatic decrease. (more on the reporting of distorted statistics in a later entry).

But, we have now learned that at least in Nueces County (and likely other parts of Texas) Planned Parenthood itself has been involved in sex education since 2001. 

I bet everytime PP cashes that $70,000 check, they laugh hysterically behind the backs of the NCHD board, who have a rubber stamp policy for Planned Parenthood.  How shameful that they sat there in that county room and acted like they were powerless.


So the conclusion is that PP’s method of sex education isn’t working right so they should be denied the government bailout correct?

Wrong, the NCHD heard all this testimony and evidence gave them the money government money anyway.

Headline: KINDERGARTEN IS NOT TOO EARLY TO START SEX EDUCATION FOR CHILDREN-that’s what Nancy Rutherford, the chairman of Planned Parenthood of Southeast Texas said at last week’s meeting before the NCHD meeting, when she testified before them. PP even said that they work with the HeadStart program on sex education.

You read that correctly, HeadStart, the program that focuses on preschool children. So, if you believe, as the media is trying to convince you, that teen pregnancy and teen birth numbers are bad and continue to get worse, isn’t it the fault of PP’s comprehensive sex education approach, since they have been conducting sex education in Nueces County since 2001?

Why would you continue giving them money for something that doesn’t work?  This approach makes no sense.  Shame on the NCHD members for continuing to waste the people’s money on PP’s failed sex education programs.  What do they care though, it’s not their money, right? (More later this week on the issue of how disrespectful and unprofessional the NCHD’s chair was toward the public).

The NCHD board was also made aware of the Teen  Talk program that is a part of Planned Parenthood’s sex education effort.  I must warn you, if you are interested in what “Teen Talk” is, you can access Planned Parenthood’s website about this but their content is very sexually explicit and information, pictures, and video on the website are inappropriate for viewing by children and even adults may be uncomfortable viewing such information, so we have not included a direct link at this point.

This information and the distrubing pictures from the “It’s Perfectly Normal” book recommended for use by Planned Parenthood were also presented to the NCHD, to no avail.

Additionally, the NCHD was made aware that PP is involved in sex education in numerous public schools, including many elementary schools.  Here is the full list of schools where PP claims they conduct sex education. Schools include:
Baker Middle School, Banquete High School, Calallen High School, Carroll High School,Collegiate High School, Driscoll Middle School, Evans Elementary, Gibson Elementary, Grant Middle School, Hamlin Middle School, King High School, Lamar Elementary, Lotspeich Elementary – Robstown, Martin Middle School, Miller High School, Moody High School, Ortiz Intermediate School – Robstown, Ray High School, Port Aransas Elementary, Middle and High School, Robstown High School, San Pedro Elementary, Seals Jr. High, South Park Middle School, Tom Browne Middle School, Tuloso Midway High School, West Oso High School, Zavala Elementary.

Over 4,700 members of the Nueces County have signed a petition to oppose government funding of Planned Parenthood.  The NCHD has and continues to ignore this significant number of community members.  However, this is only the beginning of the controversy on this issue.  Since we have now uncovered important documents about PP, you’re going to hear more about this issue and the Nueces County public is going to be more informed about who and what they are getting for their money. 


And it’s our belief, they’ll soon be asking for a refund.  Check back later this week for more information on this issue.

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