Pflugerville ISD Approves Same-Sex Benefits, Public Shut Out

The Pflugerville Independent School District (PISD) has announced a major policy change as directed by the PISD Superintendent, Charles Dupre, as PISD will now offer insurance benefits to same-sex homosexual partners of school district employees.  Pflugerville is on the northern border of Austin.  The media is reporting that PISD is the first Texas school district to adopt such a change as the usual insurance coverage is extended to an employee’s legally married spouse.  Many believe this policy change by PISD is in direct conflict with the Texas Constitutional Amendment that defines marriage as between one man and one woman.

Additionally, this policy shift was hidden from the taxpayers as no public hearing was held nor did this issue come before the elected PISD Board of Trustees for a vote.  The new policy was simply thrust onto to the taxpayers with an almost immediate beginning date of October 15th for same-sex partners to begin enrolling.

This move looks more like a Washington D.C. strategy than how this should be handled in Texas.

PISD officials have also admitted that the details of the policy are still not finalized adding lack of fair notice to the list of concerns for residents.

PISD residents have a lot of questions and the first public opportunity for answers will be at the next PISD Board of Trustees meeting on Thursday, Oct. 18th at 6:30, at 1401 West Pecan, in Pflugerville.  More details here.

Let us know by email if you plan to attend the PISD Board of Trustees meeting at [email protected]

Texas Values President Jonathan Saenz recently debated this issue on Fox 7 in Austin:

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