Media Lash Out Against Perry & You for Veto of SB 1440-“[Gov. Perry’s staff] received 17,373 calls and letters opposing the bill and only 455 supporting it.”

Guess what the state liberal media are writing about and complaining about?  The biggest policy issue of the last two weeks in Texas, SB 1440.  This unconstitutional CPS expansion bill would have violated the constitutional rights of children and parents and allowed CPS workers to directly violate a recent federal court of appeals decision out of Texas.  The legislature wanted to circumvent the federal court, and they got caught.  The people of Texas showed up and said “no”!  In fact, the AAS says “[Gov. Perry’s staff] received 17,373 calls and letters opposing the bill and only 455 supporting it.”


But these editorials written about this bill strongly disagree with Perry’s decision to Veto SB 1440.  They wanted this bill signed into law.  Funny that these editorials didn’t mention anything about the bill taking away the “good cause” standard out of current law or the recent Gates v. TDPRS decision, that came down hard on Texas for violating childrens’ constitutional rights in these situation.   They also didn’t mention that this law would have allowed CPS to remove children based on an anonymous, unverified tip.  And what about the FLDS case, where 400 kids were returned to their homes after a  Texas court of appeals and the Texas Supreme Court slammed CPS for “no evidence”, “failed to offer any evidence” and many other examples of how the State had no evidence to support its action? In the FLDS case, the CPS action was for an emergency situation.  Still “no evidence.”

State law continues to exist to allow for quick, immediate action by CPS for emergency situations.  SB 1440 applies to an investigation, examination, and access to medical records.  So there is no need for an “expedited” process, unless it is acted on with good cause and credible evidence.

At least one opinion piece cites to the legal analysis letter we helped write, but apparently, they didn’t read the entire text, otherwise they would have seen the specific analysis we gave of these problems.  Or maybe they just ignored them and wrote what they wanted to say, so as to not show both sides of the issue.

Contributors to that letter included constitutional and board certified family law attorneys and many more. 

Click here to see the letter and co-signers at end of letter. SB1440 VETOrequest TheHonR Perry 06 15 09

Oh, they also point to the “conservative groups” that supported the letter.  They must have ignored the fact that the Citizens Commission on Human Rights and Parent Guidance Center signed onto the letter, not known to be “conservative” organizations.  They must have also missed the fact that the Director of the National Coalition on Child Protection reform wrote his own opinion piece in the Fort Worth Star Telegram supporting a veto, and the DailyKos also voiced outrage over this bill, as did other liberal and libertarian groups and voices.

The reality is, these opinion pieces contiue to reveal more and more that these news outlets are more and more out of touch with Texans.

17, 737 v. 455?  Very decisive.

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