Life Stands Tall in Texas

A Texas-Sized Victory for Life

Worth_SmallTextFriday night saw Texans deliver a Texas-sized victory for life! The pro-life omnibus bill, HB 2, received final passage from the Texas Senate and is now headed to Gov. Perry’s desk to be signed into law.

This historic pro-life effort goes a long way in protecting both the unborn and women in Texas by banning late term abortions after five months when unborn children can feel pain and by raising safety standards at abortion clinics to ensure that Texas women receive greater protection and a higher level of care.

Through Senator Wendy Davis’ filibuster last month, chants by pro-abortion advocates of “Hail Satan,” shouting down of pro-lifers, and some of the most vile and obscene signs imaginable, the stakes of this battle were crystal clear. Make no mistake about it: this was not a partisan battle – but a battle between good and evil, light and dark, life and death. And I am so excited that Texas chose life!

We certainly must praise God, and we give thanks for our brave pro-life state leaders that stood tall in the face of adversity and hatred. We also want to personally thank the thousands upon thousands of Texans that prayed, made phone calls and emails, came to the Capitol, and took a bold stand for life‬. I can tell you first hand that your prayers were felt and made a difference and that the presence of thousands of Texas pro-lifers completely changed the atmosphere at the Capitol these past two weeks.

Stand4Life Rally large crowd (620-230)

Thousands of Texas pro-lifers rally on the south steps of the Capitol.

With the eyes of the nation on Texas, the people of Texas, led by Texas women and their elected officials, responded with a resounding stand for life. That is what Texans do.

This certainly is a victory that all Texans should celebrate, but our work to defend and restore a culture of family values in Texas must continue to march on. I encourage you to join with us by making a donation to support our ongoing efforts. Important work to defend marriage, guard our religious freedom, and protect the family this year in Texas still remains.

Our mission to defend biblical, Judeo-Christian values in Texas can only be accomplished with partners like you all around our great state. Please consider make a generous contribution to Texas Values today and help ensure Texas is a state in which religious liberty flourishes, families prosper, and every human life is valued.

As this important battle for life has so vividly demonstrated, only together can we ensure that Texas’ future is bright and prosperous.


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