Texas Speaker Race Update: Liberty Institute Sends Legal Letter to House Members

Today, Liberty Institute delivered a letter to all the Texas State House of Representatives members and members-elect explaining their legal right to communicate with their constituents on the Speaker of the House race. On Monday, Rep. Hopson sent a letter telling House members they could be breaking the law and risking jail time if “influence[d]” by their constituents on who the next the Texas Speaker should be.

“We fought a lawsuit over this very issue and won,” said Kelly Shackelford, president/CEO of Liberty Institute. “Vague threats to try to intimidate Legislators and Texas citizens are baseless and won’t work.”

Liberty Institute’s letter states, “…the law is clear. Citizens, organizations, corporations, and legislators enjoy broad protection to discuss who shall be selected as Speaker. Any attempt to chill that constitutionally protected speech is illegal.”

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