Legislation Filed to Protect Hobby Lobby

Stand with Hobby LobbyRepublican State Representative Jonathan Stickland (Bedford) introduced legislation today (HB 649) that would protect Hobby Lobby and other religious-based business that are currently under attack by the Obama Administration, specifically the Obamacare HHS Mandate.

Hobby Lobby seeks to operate its business in accordance with Christian principals, but under the HHS mandate, it is now being forced to provide and pay for abortion-inducing drugs, include ella and the morning after pill. At the risk of millions of dollars in fines, Hobby Lobby has refused to give in to the mandate and is suing to stop this unconstitutional mandate. Earlier this month, tens of thousands around the country supported Hobby Lobby and its principled stand on the Hobby Lobby Appreciation Day.

Rep. Stickland also filed a resolution (HJR 32) expressing the Texas Legislature’s position that the contraceptives mandates are an unconstitutional violation of the religious liberties of business owners.

It is great to see more and more members recognizing the attacks on our religious liberties and standing up to protect our most basic freedom.

Read Rep. Strickland’s full press release.

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