Leander ISD Rejects LGBTQ Language At School Board Meeting

Leander ISD voted last night 6-1 to remove language from their “local policy update” agenda item which would have expanded the definition of sex discrimination in their employee welfare policies.  This is a victory for students and parents in the district.

Last month, the Board of Trustees voted down a LGBTQ dress code that would have allowed cross- dressing. Undeterred, Leander ISD Superintendent Bruce Gearing and pro-LGBTQ board members put it back on the agenda for last night, falsely claiming that the Supreme Court’s decision in Bostock v. Clayton County allowed for this policy.

The language proposed, and ultimately not adopted by the board, included saying that “discrimination on the basis of sex includes discrimination on the basis of biological sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, gender stereotypes, or any other prohibited basis related to sex.”  The Bostock opinion does not include any mention of biological sex or gender stereotypes.

Texas Values held a press conference before Thursday night’s school board meeting to address the public on the pro-LGBTQ policy.  Parents from Leander ISD, law and policy experts from Texas Values, and other leaders of the community and city council spoke to encourage school board members to reject this controversial language.

Texas Values’ team also testified at the hearing, explaining to the board that Bostock applies only to Title VII employment discrimination, and cannot be used as support for modifying student-focused dress code policies, which fall under Title IX. The board also voted as part of their motion to have the removed language reviewed by a separate committee and looked at by legal and policy experts.

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