Lawsuit: Austin Gets Sued For Religious Violations

austin city hall (620-240)

Austin, Texas – Texas Values announced today the next step in its ongoing fight against the city of Austin and its illegal discrimination law. Austin’s anti-discrimination ordinance substantially burdens the free exercise of religion, in violation of the Texas Religious Freedom Restoration Act by failing to provide an exemption to protect the religious freedom of churches, nonprofits, and businesses that hold sincere religious objections to homosexual and transgender behavior.

This means every Catholic parish and Church that refuses to hire women or homosexuals as clergy stand in violation of city law. The city of Austin was first notified of their illegal ordinance in a letter dated July 10, 2018. Since that letter, there has been no response or action.

Jonathan Saenz, President of Texas Values said: “The city of Austin’s so-called anti-discrimination laws violate the Texas Religious Freedom Restoration Act by punishing individuals, private businesses and religious nonprofits, including churches, for their religious beliefs on sexuality and marriage.”

“In good faith, we notified the City of Austin earlier this year of these egregious violations.”



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