Late Term Abortion Survivor to Speak on Planned Parenthood Videos

Gianna Jessen

Gianna Jessen

7-27 Update: Listen to her Texas Values Report interview here.

In light of the recent Planned Parenthood videos that have surfaced, where top officials were caught discussing the sell of aborted fetal parts, Gianna Jessen’s story as an abortion survivor is very important. On the morning of April 6th, 1977 Gianna Jessen was born in a California Planned Parenthood facility. Her mother, then 17, was intending to have Gianna aborted via a burning saline solution, which has been described as burning the baby both internally and externally while in the womb. Much to the dismay of Gianna’s mother and the nurses, she survived the abortion procedure and was born alive. Thankfully for Gianna, the abortionist was not there at the time.

Gianna was born 2 months premature and only weighed 2 pounds. She had to be rushed to the hospital, where she spent the next couple of months. The failed abortion caused Gianna to have cerebral palsy and left doctors thinking that she would never be able to lift up her head.  By God’s grace, Gianna learned how to walk as an infant and has run marathons during her lifetime.  Gianna has testified before Congress twice, and was in attendance in 2002 when President George W. Bush signed the Born Alive Infants Protection Act. Gianna Jessen continues to inspire people to this day by giving her testimony at various pro-life events.

Gianna Jessen was almost a victim to the evil practices of Planned Parenthood. We are excited to announce that Jonathan Saenz will be interviewing Gianna Jessen on the Texas Values Report this Saturday at 12:00 PM on The Bridge, KTXW 1120 AM. Mr. Saenz represented Gianna Jessen in the Partial Birth Ban case in an amicus brief submitted to the U.S. Supreme Court. Tune in to hear what she has to say regarding the exposure of Planned Parenthood’s despicable practices.

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