How YOU can protect privacy and religious freedom at your precinct convention


Resolutions passed at Precinct Conventions are the key to the grassroots representation in our political parties here in Texas.

Precinct Convention participants not only select delegates to the Senatorial District (or county) convention but they pass resolutions to their Senatorial District convention. Those resolutions are often consolidated with similar resolutions and, if approved by your Senatorial District convention delegates, they are sent to the state convention for further consideration. Finally, if approved by delegates at the state level, those resolutions become part of the state party platform!

The more voices we have at the precinct level the stronger chance we have of affecting state platform.

Here are two resolutions we are urging Republican voters to introduce at their precinct conventions:

Precinct Conventions traditionally take place in our neighborhoods, at the polling place where the voting takes place on election night, right after the polls close at 7 p.m. or when the last voter is finished voting.  Someone at the polling place usually has a packet with instructions.  Please contact your county party (Democrat | Republican) to find out when and where they convene in case there is a last-minute change. At your precinct convention, ask your local precinct chairman about how to introduce these resolutions so they can be voted on. And if you have no precinct chairman find out how to serve as the convention permanent chairman via the instructions left at the stated precinct convention location.

Click here for an instructional video from the Texas GOP with more information on the convention process.


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