Homosexual Dallas Judge Refuses to Perform Marriages in Texas Courtroom

Openly homosexual Dallas County Judge Tonya Parker has announced that she is refusing to perform marriage in her courtroom and, in fact, seems very proud of it.  Seems she’s doing some backtracking now after she realized that her remarks were caught on videotape.  See the video below and the story here.


Is the sexual orientation of a judge relevant, or should it matter?  It appears here that this judge’s personal life is having an affect on her judicial role. She even bragged about how she likes to use the word “partner” in her court.

It’s also interesting that she says that since she’s homosexual, she can’t get married and therefore does not perform marriage for other people.  But that is simply not true.  She can get married.  She just can’t marry a minor child, more than one person,  someone of the same sex, someone of close blood or family relation, or someone who is already married.

Judge Parker says she’s for so-called “marriage equality” so I assume she wants to abolish all of these guidelines listed above for getting married to achieve real “marriage equality”, right?  Or does she just want eliminate the rule that  your spouse has to be of the opposite sex, while denying other people the same right to “marriage equality” , including polygamy?  How intolerant.

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