Heartbeat Law Holds Again in Court: 2,000 Lives Saved

AUSTIN, Texas – On Friday and Monday, two court rulings took place involving the Heartbeat Law, and both times it held up in court. On Friday, the federal Fifth Circuit court ruling left the Heartbeat Law in place while it continues its review.

Today, a state Texas county court ruled in a dispute between an abortion provider and a pro-life group, but the ruling has no bearing on the the constitutionality of the Texas Heartbeat Law and it continues to be in effect.

Jonathan Saenz, President and Attorney of Texas Values released the following statement:

“The Heartbeat Law has now held up in the U.S. Supreme Court, federal court, and a county court. Texas babies continue to be protected in law after a detectable heartbeat. The Heartbeat Law has already saved 2,000 Texas babies since it went into effect on September 1.”

For more information about the Texas Heartbeat Law, please visit www.TexasHeartbeatLaw.com.

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