Governor Vetoes Anti-Texas Social Studies Bill

“Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Tuesday vetoed a bill seeking to prevent a revised social studies curriculum approved in Texas from being taught in the nation’s largest public school system.”

Wow, this is very interesting.  California rushes to pass a bill to condemn Texas Social Studies based on inaccurate and misleading informan of course, and Gov. Arnold vetoes it.  This is about the smartest policy decision Gov. Arnold has made in quite some time.  More on this later.

Once again, though, we see this article is very biased, in its coverage of the details of the Texas social studies curriculum standards.  Maybe Gov. Schwarzenegger has stopped reading the news to avoid all the negative reports about the state of California, which in this case, if my guess is true, helped him see this issue clearly and led him to a very sensible decision.  To get the real facts about Texas Social Studies, go to a source that provides information from a first hand account at

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