Gov. Perry Appoints New SBOE Chair, Cargill: Liberty Institute Applauds Pick

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AUSTIN, Texas, July 1, 2011 – Today, Gov. Rick Perry announced his appointment of Barbara Cargill as the new State Board of Education (SBOE) chair. Ms. Cargill has served on the 15 member elected SBOE since her election by the people in November 2004, running as a Republican, and was reelected to her seat representing District 8 in 2008.  Ms. Cargill holds a Masters of Science in Science Education from Texas Women’s University and an undergraduate degree from Baylor University, and has worked in the field of science education for over 25 years having taught in two different school districts in the state of Texas.

Ms. Cargill was awarded the Thanks to Teachers National Excellence Award, the National Audubon Society Award, and the A.J. Sales Educational Award. She was a nominee for both the prestigious Presidential Award for Excellence in Science and Mathematics Teaching and the Science Teacher’s Association of Texas Outstanding Teacher award.

As chair, Ms. Cargill will lead the SBOE, currently comprised of 11 Republicans and four Democrats.

“We thank Gov. Perry for selecting a proven conservative and national award winning teacher in Barbara Cargill as the new chair of the State Board of Education,” said Kelly Shackelford, president/CEO for Liberty Institute. “During SBOE meetings, Ms. Cargill always treats her colleagues with grace and respect, while being fair and confident in her efforts to do what’s right for Texas schoolchildren.  She will make a fine chair for the State Board of Education for many years to come.”

“Ms. Cargill has stood strong against censorship of science teaching and attacks on the teaching of Independence Day, military leaders, and Christmas, while supporting history standards that ensure teaching about the U.S Constitution, our Founding Fathers, the religious heritage of our country and American Exceptionalism,” said Jonathan Saenz, director of legislative affairs at Liberty Institute. “We also express our appreciation to outgoing SBOE Chair, Gail Lowe, who served the SBOE well.  It is a shame that 12 Democrat Texas Senators blocked Ms. Lowe’s confirmation this session, while the other 19 of the 31 Texas Senators supported Ms. Lowe. “

Liberty Institute frequently attends and testifies at SBOE meetings, and has led numerous efforts to inform Texans about important curriculum and textbook related matters decided by the SBOE for many years.

Note:  Texas Education Agency website used for biographical information.

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