Gov. Abbott, Christian Defenders Ask Court to Stop San Antonio’s Attack on Christians, Chick-fil-A

Last week, in a legal brief, Texas Values asked the Texas Supreme Court to hold the City of San Antonio government officials accountable and protect the state’s Save Chick-fil-A religious freedom law by reviewing and overturning an appeals court ruling on a lawsuit related to the law passed in 2019. Earlier in 2019, the City of San Antonio banned Chick-fil-A from having a store in their airport because of the owners’ Christian beliefs. The City of San Antonio is now arguing that they are “immune” from lawsuits because they are a government entity. But, the Save Chick-fil-A law specifically says the government has no right to immunity for violations of the law; and requests (injunctions) to stop such unconstitutional actions are permissible.

“The City of San Antonio can run but they can’t hide. San Antonio’s blatant religious discrimination against Chick-fil-A and any other Christians must be stopped, and we are thankful that Gov. Abbott and his team are right there with us,” said Jonathan Saenz, attorney and president of Texas Values.

Texas Values submitted a legal amicus brief, joining a similar request made to the state’s high court by Gov. Greg Abbott, after a district court ruled in favor of San Antonio residents Patrick Von Dohlen and others; and ruled that the lawsuit could move forward. First Liberty Institute, the nation’s largest nonprofit religious liberty litigation organization led by Kelly Shackelford, filed the legal amicus brief on behalf of Texas Values.

About Texas Values

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