Dewhurst Slams Texas university showing of “Homosexual Jesus” play, “Corpus Christi”, Professor Cancels It


The play is to take place at Tarleton State University, in Stephenville, Texas.  The play depicts Jesus and the Apostles as homosexual.  According to some reports, Jesus is crowned the “King of Queers” in the play.

The play originated in 1998.

Click here to see Lt. Gov. Dewhurst’s statement on the play. Dewhurst Statement 03-26-2010

Click here to see statement of Tarleton State University President.

Excerpt from university president:  “My personal reaction is that I see no artistic or redeeming quality in the work. I believe, as many have opined, that it is offensive, crude, and irreverent. It is my sense that there are significant numbers of faculty, staff and students at Tarleton who share my views of the play.”


Click here to see some news coverage.

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