Conservatives Clean (Texas) House, Speaker Race Begins

Many were predicting that the House split of Republican/Democrat would widen from 76-74.  However, I don’t know of anyone that predicted a 99-51 split, in favor of conservatives.

Now, conservatives will be looking for a new Texas Speaker of the House, as current Republican Speaker Joe Straus was only elected as Texas Speaker, because of his support by Democrats, as he had very little support from Republicans.  Aslo, that decision was made when the Republican/Democrat split was 76-74.

That changed drastically last night.

Who is your Texas House member supporting for the Texas Speaker of House?   Call your Texas House member and ask her/him.

I suspect that support that Straus may claim, was “pledged” before anyone knew the results of last night’s election.

Many people were very upset because of the picks that Speaker Straus made for committe chairman, as he appointed many Democrats to be the chair of important committees.

Last night’s landslide victory by conservatives sent a clear message that grassroots Texans want conservative leadership.

This “Speaker Race” is just getting started.

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