Breaking! TX Children’s Hospital & Biden DOJ In Medicaid Fraud Scandal on Child Gender Trans Issue

Austin, Texas — June 21, 2024: Breaking – This week, medical giant Texas Children’s Hospital has come under major public scrutiny and controversy after several news sources and first-hand witnesses have come forward alleging that Texas Children’s Hospital is engaging in Medicaid Fraud connected to their operations of performing gender transition methods on children, a state law passed in 2023, SB 14, to protect children from these harmful and dangerous procedures.

Additionally, on Monday the Biden Department of Justice unsealed a document confirming that the DOJ has indicted Dr. Eithan Haim, a whistleblower who exposed that Texas Children’s Hospital was still engaging in child gender transition methods even after the hospital entity said they had stopped such controversial and dangerous acts, according to his findings.

Details for the Dr. Haim indictment and background here.

In response, several Texas House and Senate members have commented on this issue, including the SB 14 bill author, Rep. Tom Oliverson saying that the DOJ has some “sicko priorities” and Rep. Brian Harrison requesting that Speaker Dade Phelan call a special session on this matter and for Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton to open an investigation.

Rep. Harrison and reporter Chris Rufo have both publicly stated that they have confirmed that Attorney General Paxton is now investigating this issue.

Jonathan Saenz, President & Attorney for Texas Values released the following statement:

“Texas Children’s Hospital is in serious trouble and no hospital is “too big to fail” when the lives of children are involved. Violating state law that protects kids, lying to state officials, and engaging in Medicaid fraud makes this a public healthcare emergency and crisis, and Texas Children’s Hospital must be investigated immediately.

Under the indictment, Dr. Haim faces four counts of violating the patient-privacy provisions of HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), and it exposes Dr. Haim to total penalties of up to 10 years in prison and up to $250,000 in fines.

Numerous social media reports suggest that Texas Children’s Hospital has gone into panic mode, and they have now taken down social media posts, changed content on their website on topics related to this issue, and “scrubbed” their press contact page.

When Texas Children’s Hospital (TCH) claimed to have halted harmful gender modification procedures and surgeries on children in March of 2022, after a directive by Governor Greg Abbott stating that, “a number of so-called ‘sex change’ procedures constitute child abuse under existing Texas law,” it was later exposed by Dr. Eithan Haim that gender modification procedures and surgeries were, in fact, still happening. Dr. Haim was serving as a resident at TCH at the time.

One of the most reputable children’s hospitals, one of the largest in Texas and in the nation, has now jeopardized their trust in the public. If they are lying about this, tells us other less-reputable hospitals are likely doing the same. It has arguably been kept under wraps with the support from the top; namely the Department of Justice (DOJ), who has chosen the whistleblowers as its target rather than the ones harming Texas children as Representative Brian Harrison has stated in his Emergency Hearing Request to Speaker of the House Dade Phelan. 

In addition to Dr. Haim, Nurse Vanessa Sivadge from TCH who helped Dr. Haim expose the hospital in 2022, was targeted by the DOJ due to her connection and the recent exposure of what she found out to be Medicaid fraud in this case. While Attorney General Ken Paxton is  investigating the real issue at hand, the DOJ is harassing the nurse at her home, threatening her with a promise to, “make life difficult.” 

Texas Values has been consistently working with Dr. Haim to increase awareness about this issue, as he’s been our guest on our weekly radio show/podcast and will be a featured speaker at Texas Values 7th Annual Texas Faith, Family, & Freedom Forum September 13-14, 2024 at Great Hills Baptist Church in Austin, Texas.

Texas Values was the leading statewide organization who worked tirelessly this past legislative session to pass SB 14, the Ban on Child Gender Modification Bill, a new law that passed with bipartisan support, which protects children from harmful gender modification procedures and surgeries. It is important to note, Dr. Haim’s and Nurse Sivadge’s effort to expose TCH played a crucial role in exhibiting the importance of passing this bill. Learn more about SB 14 on our website

Over 20 states have now passed similar laws, often called “Help Not Harm” laws. Details about other states here.

Texas Values law and policy team are available for comment. Email Ashley at or call/text 737-314-2450 to schedule an interview.


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