Breaking: Texas House Passes Freedom to Worship Act

Today at the Texas Capitol, the Freedom to Worship Act, HB 1239, by Texas Representative Scott Sanford received overwhelming bipartisan support with a final vote of 117-29 in the Texas House. SB 26, the Senate companion bill, has already passed the Senate with overwhelming support by a vote of 28-2.

“Grocery businesses are considered essential but so are churches. Churches provide the bread of life, the spiritual food; without it, God’s people starve.” said Pastor Jorge Tovar, Pastor of Jordan River Church in Laredo, Texas.

These bills will now be required to receive approval from the opposite chamber before going to the governor’s desk. Both HB 1239 and SB 26 make it clear that the government cannot force a church to close or lock its doors during a pandemic or other emergency.

Last year and still this year, some government officials are restricting churches from being open while allowing liquor stores, strip clubs and casinos to continue their operations. Texas Values will continue working hard to make sure that religious activity and worship is protected.


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