Breaking: Round Rock STILL Stalls Parents’ Complaint; AG Investigating PIA Overcharging

Round Rock, Texas – This week, Texas Values is urging the Round Rock ISD Board of Trustees to stop stalling on the process of hearing a parent’s complaint about a male using the girl’s locker room and grant the parents their Level 3 grievance hearing. The Texas Attorney General is investigating a cost estimate of $29,147.79 for the Public Information Act (PIA) request Texas Values sent to obtain information on any district policies regarding a male using the female locker-room.

A few weeks ago, Texas Values announced that it submitted a PIA request to find out more about policies of a male student using the female locker room in Round Rock ISD. The school district responded by requesting Texas Values pay $29,147.79 to fulfill the request. Texas Values appealed the excessive costs to the Texas Attorney General’s Office. The AG’s Open Records Division is now investigating this complaint and the cost estimate procedures used by the school district.  Round Rock ISD must explain why they are requesting an outrageous amount of money for the documents Texas Values requested.

In the meantime, Round Rock ISD has failed to grant the parents at the center of the complaint a hearing for their Level 3 grievance. Grievance rules allow for the parents to have a public or private meeting with the school board trustees to resolve complaints with the school. Round Rock ISD only has one more meeting before the end of the school year.

“Round Rock ISD has stalled long enough. No more delays. Girls remain in danger while the district continues to ignore parental concerns and put politics above privacy,” said Jonathan Saenz, president of Texas Values.

Texas Values is considering assisting the parents in an appeal to the Texas Education Agency due to the school district’s unresponsiveness.

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