Boy Scouts Decision: Openly Homosexual Proposal Prevails, Legacy and Existence of BSA In Jeopardy

Grapevine, TX, May 23, 2013 – Today, the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) announced the results of their formal vote on a proposed resolution, to change the membership policy to require all chartered scouting units to allow open homosexuality among boys in the organization but not adults. The BSA voted to approve the proposed resolution, to begin allowing open homosexuality among boys in the organization.

Texas Values President, Jonathan Saenz, released the following statement:

“This tragic decision is the result of personal political ideology by BSA national leaders who willingly opened the door to allow homosexual advocates to overrun an organization that stands for a code of morality that these intolerant advocates reject. The BSA is a private organization, but it has chosen to place sex and politics above its timeless principles, and the BSA will ultimately fail because of this change. We will next see aggressive attacks on any BSA units that dare to stand for God and religious liberty, as those that seek to change the BSA will not tolerate these current BSA principles either.”

BSA delegates had been meeting this week regarding a proposed change to BSA membership standards

Texas Values has been leading efforts across the state of Texas since early February to encourage the Boy Scouts to uphold their timeless values. More information on the Save Our Scouts Campaign can be found at

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