Biden Takes Power; Texans Ready To Oppose Leftist Agenda

President-elect Joe Biden is set to become the 46th president of the United States today, assuming the mantle from President Donald Trump during a once-every-four years inaugural ceremony. Biden has run on the most progressively leftist platform of arguably any nominee in recent history.

Already he has shown that he is willing to bend to the leftist agenda and appoint cabinet members, such as California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, an extreme leftist who has posed a constant threat to religious freedom in California in his position as attorney general.

In 2019, Biden dropped his support for the Hyde Amendment, a longstanding policy restricting federal funding for abortions. Media reports indicate that on day one, Biden will adopt an Obama-era style policy that allows biological boys and young men to use girls’ bathrooms. Most recently, he named a biological man who “identifies” as a woman to be his Assistant Secretary of Health.

“As Joe Biden’s career politician record shows, we are in for four years of big government expansion, taxpayer funded abortion, more talk about bathrooms, and extreme hostility to religious freedom. Biden wants to make America California. That’s not Texas values, and we’ll be fighting these dangerous policies every step of the way, and we ask other states to follow our lead,” said Jonathan Saenz, president and attorney for Texas Values.

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