Back to School Spotlight: Student Free Speech & Religious Freedom At Public Schools

Students across the state will start back to school soon, and with that in mind, we compiled a list of the top five religious speech rights of students in public schools. Each of these rights are protected by the Texas Schoolchildren’s Religious Liberty Act, which we helped pass in 2007, and numerous other court cases in which we’ve supported parents and students whose rights were violated.

5. Students have the right to student-led prayer at special events, such as See You at the Pole.

4. Students have the right to be a part of student-led Christian clubs, like Good News Club.

3. Students have the right to hold student-led Bible studies on the school campus before or after school.

2. Students have the right to express their Christian values, like praying at graduation ceremonies or choosing to write critically on topics such as abortion or evolution.

1. Students have the right to share their faith, which can include inviting friends to church and handing out pamphlets if other extracurricular groups are allowed to do so. 

If you or your children have any issues at school where one of these rights is violated, contact us at and our attorneys will be happy to talk to you.

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