Austin Liberals Lose Again at State Board of Education

They lost the Bible course battle at the SBOE, they lost the Science battle at the SBOE, and now they have lost the Social Studies battle at the SBOE. Their boogeyman predictions never came true and their efforts to reshape, revise, and rewrite American History were crushed.  See below for a few examples of what the SBOE voted for this week.

They had to go all the way to Oregon to get a “scholar” to come testify on their behalf and support thier failed logic!  His background was “outed” by the SBOE and his testimony was ignored.

*Christmas is put back in (was removed before)

*Veterans Day & Independence Day are back in (in sections where they were removed before).

*Paul Revere is put back in (he was removed before).

*Christopher Columbus is put back in (a section where he was removed).

* Liberty Bell is back in (was previously removed).

* Study of Phrase “In God We trust” was added.

*Neil Armstrong is back in (was previously removed).

*Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison are supposed to be put back in (were previously removed).

*Hip Hop music has been added.

*Post-World War II Soviet Union reference changed back to “aggression”, had been changed to  “expansionism” be a review committee.

*Phrase” describe how religion (and virtue) contributed to the growth of representative government…”  This phrase had been removed by an unelected curriculum review team earlier

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