Act Now! SB 15, Save Women’s Sports Bill Needs Vote in Texas House Before Deadline While Biden Administration Attacks Women Sports!

Thanks for all of your support on our Save Women’s Sports Day of Action! SB 15, the Save Women’s Sports Bill was quickly voted out of committee and has been sent to the Texas House Calendars Committee. But, the bill faces a major end-of-session deadline and must be voted on by the Texas House this week!

Please tell members of the House Calendars committee that you want them to vote to put SB 15 on the Major State Calendar this week!

Many female athletes across the state of Texas have voiced their support for this bill. You can learn more about their stories and sign the petition at

Meanwhile, today is the deadline to submit a comment on the Biden Administration’s new rule on women’s sports. The U.S. Department of Education has proposed a rule that would force female athletes to prove why a male should not compete in her sport. This dangerous rule is more reason why SB 15 needs to pass this legislative session. 

Call members of the Calendars Committee and let them know that you want to see SB 15 on the Major State Calendar in the Texas House this week!

Chairman Dustin Burrows                  
(512) 463-0542

Vice Chairwoman Toni Rose 
 (512) 463-0664 

Rep. David Cook 
 (512) 463-0374

Rep. Charlie Geren
(512) 463-0610

Rep. Cole Hefner
(512) 463-0271

Rep. Ana Hernandez
(512) 463-0614

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