2013 Texas Legislative Session

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The 83rd Texas Legislative Session is now underway, and it is time for the leaders of Texas to take a bold stand and confront the many important challenges facing our great state.  Our main priority at Texas Values during the legislative session will be to work to empower you to make your voice heard at the state capitol and to lead the effort to protect religious liberty, strengthen marriages and families, and defend the unborn.


Religious Liberty:

Religious Liberty Constitutional Amendment: Strengthening and protecting our religious liberty in the Texas Constitution will be our top priority this legislative session. We need permanent protection of our religious freedom in Texas. A state religious liberty constitutional amendment provides the best guarantee of lasting protection for our religious liberties from an overreaching legislature, government bureaucracy, or court. Religious liberty is our most foundational freedom – we must act to protect it. Texas Values supports efforts to protect religious liberty and free speech and will be supporting a state constitutional amendment to protect religious liberty.

Texas Values also supports the protection of Christmas displays and celebrations in public schools.


Marriage Protection and Divorce Reform:

Strengthening Marriage/Divorce Reform: Current Texas law allows one spouse to end a marriage for “no-fault” with a mere 60 day waiting period.  This broken policy devalues marriage and encourages drive-through divorce that often leaves the other unsuspecting spouse and children devastated. Texas lawmakers have the power to help defend marriages if they can stand up to the family law attorneys that resist compassionate reform. Texas Values supports reform to strengthen marriages and reduce divorce, particularly when children are involved, by extending the waiting period, requiring pre-divorce education courses and mutual consent.

Texas Values also supports efforts to eliminate “sex change” as proof of gender for a marriage certificate.



Pro-Life:  Texas Values supports any and all efforts to protect the sanctity of unborn children and the continued defunding of Planned Parenthood.  Texas Values will continue its role of providing legal and policy support for pro-life efforts at the Texas Capitol.


Other Issues:

Homosexual Rights:  Texas Values opposes all efforts by the LGBT Lobby to create special “rights” for these groups, especially including efforts to undermine marriage and family values.

Parental Rights: Texas Values supports efforts to ensure that state law meets constitutional standards regarding the fundamental rights of parents.

Sex Education:  Texas Values supports current law that requires any sex education teaching to focus more on abstinence than any other method of preventing pregnancy and STDs.  Texas Values opposes any efforts to diminish or ban the teaching of abstinence in public schools.

Gambling:  Texas Values opposes all efforts to expand gambling in Texas.

The Texas Values team will be dedicated to working on these important issues, but to accomplish these goals, we need your help.  If you are on board with these important priorities – stand with Texas Values by signing the Texas Values Promise.

Please stay engaged with us at txvalues.org and on our Facebook page where we will keep you updated on specific bill, action alerts, and talking points to engage your elected officials, friends and family, and church. We also encourage you to use our website to  find your elected officials and to send them a message to stand for our values.


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