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What’s in Texas Social Studies? Just State the Facts!!

May 28, 2010
Topic: SBOE , Update
We, at Liberty Institute, were at every Texas social studies meeting and hearing over the last fourteen (14) months. We testified numerous times and have been covering...

Texas Social Studies: Just State The Facts!!!

May 28, 2010
Topic: Update
Want the real truth about the contents of the Texas Social Studies standards?  Click here.

Columnists Support Religious Freedom Lesson in Texas Social Studies

May 27, 2010
Topic: SBOE , Update
Article in Houston Chronicle.  Don’t agree with a lot of content, but columnist supports the SBOE’s solid religiou freedom language. “They debated over whether schoolchildren should...

Just State The Facts!!! Texas Social Studies Debate Needs Honesty, Clarity

May 26, 2010
Topic: SBOE , Update
Last week, the Texas State Board of Education voted, 9-5, for final adoption of our Texas social studies standards. But some activists and media are determined...

“Cash-Strapped” California Makes Toothless Threat on Texas Social Studies

May 25, 2010
Topic: Update
Some state legislatiors in California are desperately trying to pass legislation to prevent their textbooks from containing in of the Texas social studies standards.   This following...

Yes, Thomas Jefferson Is In Texas Social Studies Standards

May 24, 2010
Topic: SBOE , Update
On Friday, the Texas State Board of Education increased specific references to Thomas Jefferson from 4 to 5.   I was there at the meeting, I heard it with...

Obama Education Secretary Slams Texas Social Studies Standards, But Has He Read Them?

May 22, 2010
Topic: Update
“President Obama’s Education Secretary, Arne Duncan, has released a critical statement about our freshly adopted social studies standards. This wouldn’t have anything to do with Texas...

TEXAS SOCIAL STUDIES-American Exceptionalism, RELIGIOUS FREEDOM GET FINAL PASSAGE!! Check out our CNN interview here: Liberty Institute Debates Texas Freedom Network, Kathy Miller

May 21, 2010
Topic: SBOE , Update , Videos
May 28, 2010 Update!!  Fact Sheet on what was approved!! THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HELP!! Campbell Brown CNN debate between Jonathan Saenz of Liberty...

Live Blogging From State Board of Education Social Studies Resumes Today!!

May 20, 2010
Topic: SBOE , Update
Stay tuned.  They will vote on numerous critical issues about social studies today!! 12:08 a.m.  Berlanga tries to eliminate “illegal immigration” from study.  Amendment fails. 11:51...

Watch CNN tonight!

May 19, 2010
Topic: Update
Watch CNN at 7 tonight to see Jonathan Saenz in a live debate on social studies!