Texas Social Studies Victories Are Igniting/Empowering Texas, America!

The victories last week for American Exceptionalism and common sense Social Studies standards, at the State Board of Education, are continuing to encourage and excite people in Texas and across the country!

Thank you for standing with us!!  If you want to get involved in our efforts to protect religious heritage, American Exceptionalism and accurate/solid social studies standards, that reject narrow liberal ideology, send us an email!

The final State Board of Education meeting  and public hearing on this issue is in May.  So email us now as start our preparation!!

Email us at [email protected]   If you are a current or former teacher or professor in Texas, the State Board of Education members need your input!  If you are a parent, the SBOE needs your input.  IF YOU ARE AN AMERICAN THAT CARES ABOUT THE FUTURE OF AMERICA, THE SBOE NEEDS TO HEAR FROM YOU!  We can help!

Apparently, some California legislator threw a partisan-filled temper tantrum and called it a “press release” because he doesn’t like the education policy adopted by the Texas State Board of Education last week.

News flash- California economy is in financial ruin.  Texas is standing tall economically. California legislators should spend their time figuring out how to eliminate their gigantic debt.  So maybe California legislators would be smart to follow the lead of Texas.

If they had been looking to Texas for policy decisions and economics and education, for that matter, maybe they would be in such a mess.

And maybe so many of their residents wouldn’t be posting a sign on their house that says “Gone to Texas”.  Looked at the out-of-state license plates around town lately?

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