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Hey Texans, The New York Times Wants to Tell You How to Vote in Texas!!

February 23, 2010
Topic: Elections , Update
Click here to see the article on this issue. The New York Times magazine, I guess, has nothing better to than try to come down...

Our Legal Team Helps Bring Jim Allen Home from Haiti

February 18, 2010
Topic: Update
Our legal team, including Hiram Sasser and Jeff Mateer, helped bring Texan, Jim Allen home from Haiti, today. Click here for details.

Texas Ballot 2010: Texas Voter Guide & Election Information

February 16, 2010
Topic: Elections , Update
Early Voting Begins on October 18, 2010.  General Election Day is Novermber 2, 2010.  Click here for all your voting information.  Where to vote, your rights...

Texas-What’s On The Ballot, 2011? Candidates-Views on Taxes, Abortion, Marriage, Immigration

February 9, 2010
Topic: Elections , Update
Get a Voters Guide for the 2012  elections: For a Voters Guide for the Nov. 8, 2011 Texas Constitutional Amendments, click here. The November 2010...

Science Catches Up with Common Sense: Abstinence Works Better Than Condoms

February 5, 2010
Topic: Update
Read the Sex Education study results here. Will this woman (or someone like her) below be across the street from your kids’ school, handing out condoms soon?...

Science/Research Confirms Common Sense: Abstinence Education Works!

February 4, 2010
Topic: Update
Click here for new study reported in the Journal of American Medical Association.

SBOE Chair to Media: Stop the Inaccurate Reporting

February 2, 2010
Topic: Update
“One wonders whether these journalists have actually examined the standards or whether they prefer to perpetuate these unsubstantiated rumors without verification.” Click here for the full...