Action Item: Contact the Texas State Board Of Education To Preserve Accurate Social Studies

Over the past couple of weeks, we have informed you about the battle over social studies (also includes U.S. Government & History and World History) at the Texas State Board of Education (SBOE), and how there was a proposal brought to the SBOE to remove Christmas and Rosh Hashanah from the current social studies standards.  Click here for Update summary on this issue.

 There are also many other issues that pertain to the Founding Fathers of our country, the religious heritage and the influence of religion on our culture and form of government, and many notable figures in Texas and American History.

Click this article to see how this issue is already being distorted by the media and Austin liberals.

Did you know that David Barton, the appointed social studies expert that the liberals love to attack, is actually certified as an expert historian in state and federal courts?  Haven’t seen the media report this, to no surprise.

Now that the first round of meetings at the SBOE has taken place to review proposed changes to the social studies, the SBOE members need to hear from you before they make up their minds on these issues.  They need to know that you care about this issue now.

Action: Call the SBOE members and tell them to: (Click here for contact information)

1.  Please present factual and accurate information in our social studies curriculum, do not revise history.

2.  Please present factual and accurate information about our Founding Fathers.

3.  Please present factual and accurate information about the religious heritage of our country and the influence and impact of religion on our form of government and our laws.

4. Please keep notable poeple in our curriculum, such as Christopher Columbus (should be mentioned more than once), Neil Armstrong (first man on the moon),  Albert Einstein and many more.

5. Please keep Christmas and Rosh Hashanah in the curriculum, as it has been for the past ten years.

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