Nueces County Elementary Schools Have Planned Parenthood Sex Education; County to Decide on Planned Parenthood Funding: Your Action Needed!

Next week, the Nueces County Health District (NCHD) will meet to make a final decision on government funding for Planned Parenthood’s (PP) sex education courses, including their work in public schools.

On Tuesday, Sept. 22, at 6:00 p.m. at 555 N. Carancahua St., Suite 950-A (NCHD Board Room), in Corpus Christi, the NCHD will have a public hearing on PP’s request for $70,000 of government funding for 2009-10.

We recently obtained a grant proposal from PP, where they list schools participating in sex education. Schools where PP claims to be performing sex education include numerous elementary schools.  Schools include:

Baker Middle School, Banquete High School, Calallen High School, Carroll High School,Collegiate High School, Driscoll Middle School, Evans Elementary, Gibson Elementary, Grant Middle School, Hamlin Middle School, King High School, Lamar Elementary, Lotspeich Elementary – Robstown, Martin Middle School, Miller High School, Moody High School, Ortiz Intermediate School – Robstown, Ray High School, Port Aransas Elementary, Middle and High School, Robstown High School, San Pedro Elementary, Seals Jr. High, South Park Middle School, Tom Browne Middle School, Tuloso Midway High School, West Oso High School, Zavala Elementary.

PP actually claims that they perform “abstinence-only” sex education. PP has had virtually no impact on the incidence of teen pregnancy in its time in Corpus Christi. We will be presenting testimony to the NCHD. We encourage those near Corpus Christi to contact NCHD board members and attend this meeting to show your support and stand with us against government funding for Planned Parenthood!

Click below for information about the NCHD board members. Call them at 361-808-3300 and tell them you oppose government funding for Planned Parenthood!

Send emails to [email protected] and ask that your information be sent to every NCHD Board member.

Fax number: (361) 808-3274

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