TEA: Removal of Christmas “Politically Naive”: KXAN Video

Click below to read KXAN story on this issue.

KXAN’s Carla Castano did a nice job.  Click the video link in the upper left hand corner of the story. See the excerpt below:

Debbie Ratcliffe with the Texas Education Agency predicts the State Board of Education will make the decision to do exactly what Austin suggested this Thursday.

“It was pretty politically naive of them frankly to think you could eliminate two major holidays and not cause a stir,” said Ratcliffe. “And I think our board is sensitive to that.

“I think it would be good to add Diwali, but I don’t know why Christmas has to be taken out,” said Jan Austin, while picking up her 12-year-old granddaughter from school.

Exactly our position, if you are going to add Diwali, do it without removing  Christmas (and Rosh Hashanah).

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