Obama Pulls Back on School Speech Activities; Many Schools, Students Will Opt-Out

After a flood of calls and concern across the country, President Obama has made changes to his original plans regarding his speech and accompanying lesson plans on next Tuesday at 11 a.m. to public school children around the country.

Initially, according to several reports, Obama was going to include questions for students to answer after his speech that asked what the students could do to “help the president.”  That part of the plan has been scrapped

As this news has now spread to parents, schools across Texas are being flooded with phone calls with concerns about their children being forced to listen to Obama’s speech and complete related and additional questions and work related to his speech.

Many schools districts have decided not to show the video live  or at all and are indicating that they will be complying with state law by allowing the parents to have their children “opt-out” of this address.

Is your school district listed on any of these regional news reports?

Central Texas (Austin and surrounding areas)

Dallas and surrounding areas

Fort Worth

Houston and surrounding area

San Antonio area


Please contact our office if you have any questions about your parental rights on this issue.  We want to do our best to ensure that parents and children do not suffer intimidation and/or harassment for whatever decision they feel is best for their family.  (972) 423-8889.

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