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Planned Parenthood: Kindergarten Not Too Early To Start Sex Education; Nueces County Leaders Lay Down for PP

September 30, 2009
Topic: Update
You read last week how the Nueces County Hospital District (NCHD) voted to give Planned Parenthood $70,000 of government funding for sex education in the Corpus Christi...

Action Item: Contact the Texas State Board Of Education To Preserve Accurate Social Studies

September 29, 2009
Topic: Update
Over the past couple of weeks, we have informed you about the battle over social studies (also includes U.S. Government & History and World History) at the...

ACORN Sues Student Journalist; Student Retains Texas Legal Group as Defense Counsel

September 25, 2009
Topic: Update
  Click here for the national story last night on Fox News Channel-“Hannity” Show. Hannah Giles is a student journalist who helped expose activities by ACORN which was...

Planned Parenthood Gets $70,000 of Gov’t Funding, for Now

September 23, 2009
Topic: Update
Yesterday the Nueces County Hospital District approved $70,000 for Planned Parenthood to conduct sex education funding.  We presented testimony against this outrageous idea.  Click here for...

Action Item! Planned Parenthood Funding Final Vote Today! Make Your Calls Now!

September 22, 2009
Topic: Update
CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – Today, the Nueces County Hospital District will vote on whether or not to give Planned Parenthood (PP) $70,000 in government funding for...

Recap: Christmas Likely To Remain in Social Studies: Fair Media Coverage

September 21, 2009
Topic: Update
Excellent Video (Left upper side of link) with summary of this issue. Christmas & Rosh Hashanah should now stay in. Thanks for your quick response...

Update: Preliminary Victory! Education Board Vows to Keep Christmas

September 18, 2009
Topic: Update
Video coverage (we’re quoted)  Print copy Great op-ed After almost a week of outcry on this, Christmas (and Rosh Hashanah) appear to be staying...

Christmas Editorial; Christmas Discussion, SBOE Meeting Today-Live Blogging!

September 17, 2009
Topic: Update
The State Board of Education meeting has begun. Great Op-ed today in El Paso Times. (Don’t delete from classrooms. ElPasoTimesChristmas David Barton, expert review member, of Wallbuilders,...

Texas Newspaper: Don’t delete (Christmas) from classrooms”

September 16, 2009
Topic: Update
The El Paso Times gets it right.  Click here for this excellent op-ed on this issue. “Christmas is a religious holiday, but it’s also more...

Nueces County Elementary Schools Have Planned Parenthood Sex Education; County to Decide on Planned Parenthood Funding: Your Action Needed!

September 16, 2009
Topic: Update
Next week, the Nueces County Health District (NCHD) will meet to make a final decision on government funding for Planned Parenthood’s (PP) sex education courses, including...