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Even in Recess, Healthcare Rules
This week, the U.S. Senate joins the House of Representatives in recess until September.  Most will be spending time in their districts so you can visit their offices or attend townhall meetings in person or by phone to let your voice be heard.  Even recently, a number of elected officials have shown how out of touch they are with the American people – in Houston, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee took phone calls during her townhall meeting, including while a constituent was asking a question, Rep. Lloyd Doggett still insists he will vote for healthcare “reform,” and Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, accused those who protest government-run healthcare as “un-American.” 
If you haven’t contacted your Representative or Senator, now is the time!  Click here to download a .pdf copy of our talking points with important information about things that are included in the bill, including threats to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  As always, please be respectful of your representatives and their staff.  Contact your Representatives (click here) and Senators (click here) now to ask them when they are holding townhall meetings and to vote against freedom-snatching healthcare “reform.”  You can view the whole text of the House bill (all 1,017 pages) and monitor its status by clicking here.

Celebrating Cost of Government Day
Happy (Belated) Cost of Government Day!  Yesterday was the day that average Americans finish paying off their yearly share of federal, state, and local spending, along with other regulatory taxes.  This effectively means that the amount of money it takes to keep the government running at its current pace takes more than 60 percent of Americans’ income.  This year, Cost of Government Day falls 26 days later than last year, and is 22 days later than it has been since 1977, the first year these records were kept.  This record-breaking cost of government is only one indicator of the increasing government intrusion into the private lives of hardworking Americans and thus the danger of the loss of more freedoms.

Beating California: Texas Policies Stand Tall
Recently, an article analyzed some key similarities and distinctions between Texas and California.  Both were once sovereign republics, are large in land mass and population, and contain vast natural resources; however, when it comes to policy, the two could not be more different.  While California expanded government spending to improve the economy, Texas kept taxes low and minimized government spending.  Years later, the results could not be more conclusive.  California’s unemployment rate as of June 2009 is 11.6 percent, compared to Texas’ 7.5 percent unemployment.  California loses an average of 100,000 residents a year, while Texas gains an average of 150,000 residents each year.  We need to thank our Governor and the key conservative leaders in the Texas House and Senate for making sure Texas is Texas, not California
FMF Speaking at Values Voter Summit!
This year’s big Values Voter Summit added yet another well-known speaker: our own Kelly Shackelford, president of Free Market Foundation!  At the Summit, Kelly will get the chance to talk about our work to save the Mojave Desert War Memorial ( to the thousands of people in attendance.  If you haven’t signed up to attend, visit!

Make a Difference Now!
Do you wonder how you can get more involved in politics?  Do you want to make a difference, but don’t know how?  If these questions resonate with you, Free Market Foundation has a solution!  FMF has joined forces with American Majority, a group that offers short, one-day training courses all over the state!  This Saturday, August 15, FMF and American Majority will hold a training event in Houston!  For advocates (those who want to get more involved) the cost is $10, and $40 if you are considering running for election as a candidate. Click here for more details about events in your area and registration information!

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