Talk of the Town (& Nation): Congressman Doggett’s Failed Townhall, Rejection of his Constituents, Liberal Spin

Grandmas and Grandpas have Doggett and liberals on the run.  See video link in previous post if you haven’t already.

As the talk around Austin and the rest of the country continues to highlight Congressman Doggett’s failed townhall meeting this past Saturday, we’re hearing more and more reports of the details of the Saturday’s meeting (as we were not in attendance nor did we inform our supporters about this event-even though I am a Doggett constituent) in South Austin and more and more spin from the far left, desparately trying to pull Obamacare out of the ashes of defeat.

Doggett and other desperate liberals are now attacking Doggett’s constituents who exercised their First Amendment rights (many of whom are white-haired/grey-haired and look like grandmas and grandpas), at the request of Doggett, instead of addressing the issue of healthcare. 

Like this issue: (“Gov’t insurance would allow coverage for abortion”

Numerous reports are also coming out that Doggett was given plenty of time on Saturday to answer questions from his constituents.  It was after he gave answers that his constituents did not like or did not address the question, that the people united to voice their opposition loud and clear.

So he invited people out to “bend his ear” and now he is complaining that his constituents did just that.  It is clear that Doggett is out of touch with the “will of the people.” 

New CNN Poll: 3 of 10-Obamacare will help their family (only three in 10 of all Americans think the president’s health care proposals will help their families”).

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