Hate Crimes Law for Sexual Orientation and Transgender Persons Passes U.S. Senate

This new form of special protection for sexual orientation and for actual or perceived “gender identity” , “identity” which could change from one day to the next, was tacked on as an amendment to a military spending bill.  A similar version of this language has already passed the House.

So instead of working on preventing the country from economic ruin, the Liberal-controlled House and Senate are busy bowing to special interest groups, giving them special rights.

The law already protects and punishes for such crimes.  This type of policy simply codifies unequal justice, under law. 

U.S. Senators from Texas, John Cornyn and Kay Bailey Hutchison voted against this amendment.

Some far-left liberals tried push similar legislation here in Texas, but it nowhere.

Click here for details from a previous post on this blog.

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