Action Item: Religious Discrimination for SBOE Chairman Position Continues

The new SBOE chairman, to replace Don McLeroy-who was ousted by only 11 (all Democrats) of 31 Texas Senators, has not yet been named, and the religious discrimination and targeting has already begun.  At least one SBOE member that some believe could be chosen by Gov. Perry, within the next week, is already being targeted because of her religious beliefs.  We did an interview with a local Austin TV station yesterday about this.

Cynthia Dunbar, a Christian conservative and current member of the State Board of Education (SBOE), who is considered one of six conservative members of the SBOE, that could be the next chairman, is now being attacked for her book, One Nation Under God.  Guess who’s launching the desparate attacks?  The same small groups of Austin extreme liberals that targeted Don McLeroy for being a Christian conservative and continue their obvious attacks on elected officials and policy issues because they oppose religious freedom, particularly Christian conservatives.

One group’s motto makes it very clear  their goal involves targeting the “religious right”, making it very obvious that that they are going after Dunbar and others because of their “religious” beliefs. This unacceptable religious discrimination is all too common by these types of groups and reveals a double standard and a violatioon of the “tolerance” principle.

These groups of people in Austin continue to cry out louder every day.  Why? Because they keep losing on the issues they advocate for and lobby for because they are way out of touch with an overwhelming majority of Texans.

Bible curriculum issue-Legislature that voted 167-3, in favor of Bible curriculum in public schools, SBOE approved curriculum standards.  They opposed the SBOE’s actions.  The Attorney General of Texas even gave his stamp of approval of the SBOE’s actions.  THEY LOST ON THIS ISSUE.

Science & Censorship issue– before the SBOE-the small group of Austin extreme liberals wanted to ban questioning and critique of evolution, and shut the classroom down from debate.  THEY LOST BADLY ON THIS ISSUE.  The final vote was 13-2, (including 3 Democrats).

Countless Bills to Take Away SBOE Authority-none of these bills passed, they were all defeated or never came up for a vote.  HUGE DEFEAT FOR THE AUSTIN EXTREME LIBERALS.

Even with former SBOE Chairman, Don McLeroy, they could only get 11 of 31 Texas Senators to vote against his confirmation.  Unfortunately, 11 Senators is all is takes to block the will of the majority, your other 20 Texas Senators.

The reality is, Austin extreme liberals won’t be satisfied with any one of the conservatives that Perry picks.  Why?  Because they are way out of touch with Texans and want to change what Texas is.  That’s why they often point to stories from the papers like the  N.Y. Times.  They care about what people in New York think, not Texans.

Click here for recent Houston Chronicle story.


Don’t let the media and policymakers in Austin think the Austin extreme liberals speak for you.

Call Gov. Perry and let him know you support a true conservative for SBOE chairman.

A decision could come before the end of the week.

Gov. Perry’s office: 512-463-2000

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