Press Conference: Parental Rights/Constitutional Liberty Groups Unite Today at Capitol



AUSTIN, Texas – In a news conference today, Free Market Foundation joined a number of other Texas groups asking Gov. Perry to veto SB 1440.  If signed by the Governor, the bill would allow CPS to unconstitutionally search and seize children and their medical records without consent or notice to parents, without a court hearing, and without good cause.

“Our children are not children of the State,” said Jonathan Saenz, director of legislative affairs and attorney, who spoke against the bill.  “The constitutional rights of parents should not be cast aside by last-minute tactics.  If Gov. Perry does not veto this bill, our children and homes will be subjected to illicit invasions.”

The bill language opposed was added to the bill on the last days of the session, after the original bill SB 1064, failed to receive a House vote.  In a last minute attempt to save the failed legislation, Rep. Patrick Rose reintroduced the language as an amendment to SB 1440, which passed the House.  The groups asked the Governor to veto the legislation on the grounds that it strips parents of fundamental rights and opens the door to dangerous government intervention in the home.


Will be a part of a press conference on this issue at 1 p.m. today, South Steps of the Capitol.  We’ll post an update afterwards.

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