McLeroy/SBOE Vote to Come Tomorrow!!

If you haven’t already called your State Senator, to ask him/her to support McLeroy, please make that call as well at:


Don McLeroy-

SBOE Experience:

  • Member, 10 years
  • Chair, July 2007-Present
  • Vice-Chair, 2005-2006
  • Planning Committee, 4 years
  • Permanent School Fund Committee, 6 years
  • Helped lead the efforts to rewrite the English, Language Arts, Reading TEKS, 2006


B.S. Electrical Engineering Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas, 1969

  • Corp of Cadets
  • Yell Leader

Doctor of Dental Surgery University of Texas Health Science Center, Houston, 1978

Personal Milestones

  • Eagle Scout, 1960
  • U. S. Army, 1st Lieutenant, 1969-1971
  • Trustee, Bryan Independent School District 1997-98

McLeroy has been unfairly attacked for his religious beliefs (McLeroy is a Christian), by a fringe Austin group. Ask your state Senator to support Don McLeroy (See phone number above).  The vote could be very close!  McLeroy’s leadership was shown during the Science & Censorship issue, when he led the board to the nearly unanimous vote of 13-2 on the new science standards to continue to allow discussion and debate on critical science issues, including evolution.

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