Take Action-Ultrasound Vote TODAY, SBOE/McLeroy Vote-This Week!!

11:38 p.m.-Okay, here comes the drama, just minutes before the Midnight deadline for all bill to pass the House, including SB 182, the Ultrasound bill.  They have now taken up SB 1569, the unemployment insurance bill.  We are still a good number of bills away from getting to Ultrasound bill, but this is the first sign of real movement of the House to start moving through bills.

Ruling on SB 1569 point of order-Point of order is overruled.  This bill has been surrounded by controversy, as it basically undermines Gov. Perry position that Texas would not except a certain amount of government bailout money because it would force Texas taxpayers and Texasx employers to pay unemployment benefits for part-time workers, a policy which current does not exist in Texas.

10:50 p.m. Ultrasound bill has still not come up for a vote.  Deadline is just over an hour away.  McLeroy vote has not happened yet and is now likely to come up on Thursday.

Call Your Representative Now About the Ultrasound Bill! The Ultrasound bill (SB 182) will come up for a vote today in the House. This is our last chance this session to pass this bill, which has already passed the Senate. Call your State Representative today at (512) 463-4630 (main switchboard) and he/she to vote FOR the Ultrasound Bill!!

Also,  the vote to confirm Don McLeroy as State Board of Education chairman will be could come today or later this week, before the full Senate. Mcleroy has been unfairly attacked for his religious beliefs (McLeroy is a Christian), by a fringe Austin group. Ask your state Senator to support Don McLeroy (See phone number above).  The vote could be very close!  McLeroy’s leadership was shown during the Science & Censorship issue, when he led the board to the nearly unanimous vote of 13-2 on the new science standards to continue to allow discussion and debate on critical science issues, including evolution.

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