Immediate Action Needed! Save Marriages! Prevent Transgender Special Rights

HB 480, by Texas State Representative, Warren Chisum,  works to help save marriages in Texas.  Not only does divorce and family breakdown have well-documented devistating emotional and pyschological impacts on adults and children, it also has huge financial impact on our Texas budget fueled by Texas taxpayers ($3 billion a year, per a national 2008 study).  This bill seeks to address with these problems, by requiring a 10 hour Marriage Education before you can file a no-fault divorce.

There are only three days left for the House to vote on this bill, so we need you to make your call immediately! Call your State Representative today and ask he/she to vote “FOR” HB 480.

Click here to find your respresentative:   Also, call Rep. Brian McCall, chairman of Calendars Committee, and ask him to bring HB 480 up for a vote by Thursday.  Calendars committee decides the list of bills. Call:  512-463-0594 

Oppose HB 1323: Free Speech Ban and Transgender Special rights-Ask your State Representative to OPPOSE HB 1323.  This bill unconstitutionally restricts off campus student speech and provides discrimination and so-called bullying and harassment protection on campus for certain groups of students who define themselves by “actual or perceived…gender identity or expression (transgender)” and “sexual orientation.”  This version of a “hate crime” bill restricts “verbal or written speech” as well.

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