Student Off-Campus Speech Ban, Trangender Protection Bill Up for House Vote!!

We Oppose HB 1323!! On the Calendar today.


1.      HB 1323 is an unconstitutional infringement of free speech. It permits a school district to unlawfully restrict “written or verbal expression” applies that occurs “off of school property.”  The Federal Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit (the federal appeals court for Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi) has held that restriction of off-campus student speech by a school is unconstitutional.  Porter v. Ascension Parish Sch. Bd., 393 F.3d 608 (5th Cir. 2004)

2.      HB 1323 is unconstitutional as it codifies a new protected class of Transgenderism with the undefined, overbroad and vague words “gender identity and expression.”


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