Science & Censorship Losers Now Target SBOE Chairman; Attacks on his Christianity

This week, the chairman of the State Board of Education, Don McLeroy, appeared before the Senate Nomiations committee for confirmation to continue being the chairman.  Guess who showed up to testify against him?  The name groups closed minded science people and Planned Parenthood buddies.  What a surprise.  They lost against us at the SBOE on the Bible Curriculum issue, they lost to us on the Science issue, and now they taking all their failures out on McLeroy.  Let us remind you though, the main final vote on the Science issue was 13-2.  That means 12 other SBOE members don’t agree with these people as well.

They threw out the same failed arguments about Science and religion to try to take him down.  They and Senate  members even went further to attack McLeroy’s Christian faith.

We presented testimony against this outrageous witchhunt, which will not end until the SBOE as we know it is destroyed.  Actually, this what one member of the other side admitted, he would eliminate the SBOE altogether if he had it his way.  WOW, that’s extreme!

Call Your Senate member and tell them that you reject an unjust Religious Test for office holders and you support Don McLeroy.



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