Transgender Hate Crime Bill Gets Hearing Tomorrow

HB 2966, by Rep. Garnett Coleman (D-Houston), authorizes a major expansion of controversial “hate crimes” laws.  On Thursday, a Texas House Subcommittee (Criminal Jurisprudence) will hear testimony to extend current state hate crimes laws to cover transgender persons with special protection for “gender identity and expression.”   Texas already has laws that protect all persons against violence and property damage, and thus “hate crimes” legislation only seeks to punish people’s thoughts. This is simply an exercise of control over what people think, not how they act.  We oppose such efforts.  Just last week a bill made it to the Texas House floor that created hate crimes government control for children, forcing government re-education of such children and even forced psychological counseling to get their beliefs in line.  Similar hate crimes laws have been used to jail religious persons for speaking in public, about the Bible’s view of homosexuality, as in the case of the Philadelphia 11.  We will be presenting testimony against this bill tomorrow, and we will keep you posted on the outcome of this hearing.

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