Stop Science Censorship-Last Chance!!

Tomorrow brings the final hearing on the Science and Censorship Issue.  See entry below for more details.  This issue has attracted thousands of emails and phone calls by scientists, teachers, parents, students, and concerned citizens, asking the State Board of Education to KEEP THE 20 YEAR STANDARD OF TEACHING THE STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES OF SCIENTIFIC THEORIES, INCLUDING EVOLUTION. 

You can bet the media, state and national, will be out in full force.  I already have some live interviews scheduled.

I will also be posting live updates here on our blog and on Twitter.  Over 100 people have signed up to testify, including myself and our Director of Litigation, Hiram Sasser.

And by the way, Rep. Christian’s HB 4224, a bill which seeks to keep the 20 year strengths and weaknesses standard in place, is already gaining co-authors.

Read the excellent DMN Op-Ed:

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