Stage Set for Voter I.D. Debate in Texas Senate on Tuesday

A hearing before the Texas Senate “Committee of the Whole Senate” is scheduled for next Tuesday, March 10th. This issue brings with a ton of interest, as it will literally bring the entire Senate, and most of the Capitol, to a halt with all the attention on the outcome of this hearing and this bill.

SB 362, by Sen. Troy Fraser, is very close to the version of the voter I.D. bill that died on the Senate floor last session, when it failed to pass the 2/3 vote rule, which has now been changed this session for this particular issue. Currently, Texas law only requires a voter to present their voter registration card.  SB 362 would also require a voter to present a form of photo identification or two forms of specific non-photo identification documentation.  Click here for bill text.

SB 362 is said to be modeled after Indiana’s voter photo ID law, which was recently upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court by a 6-3 vote.

Free Market Foundation supports this legislation.

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