Fast & Furious Day Ends at the Capitol (for us at least)

Do you know about Pro-Life Lobby Day at the Capitol?  You should by now with all the attention it is getting.  Finished tying up some loose ends on the details for this HUGE event coming on Tuesday at the Capitol.

Oh, and we got the langauge in we wanted for a major piece of legislation.  We’ll keep you posted on this as it rolls through the process.  Today was the unofficial “last day” to have proposed legislation language submitted for approval so there was a lot of “policy in motion” at the Capitol.

Also, tremendous piece of Marriage legislation we’re supporting and have helped through the process, has now landed in committee.  HB 480, by Representative Warren Chisum, who has championed numerous pieces of major marriage strengthening legislation in 2005 (Texas Marriage Amendment), and 2007 (Twogether in Texas-Premaritial Education package), was referred to Judiciary and Civil Jurisprudence.  Click here to see who’s on that important committee

Last but not least, HB 109-Choose Life License Plate, now has 73 Co-authors.  Including the author, Rep. Larry Phillips, that makes 74 of the 76 votes we need to get this bill out of the House, are pledged to support it.  But we are not slowing down,  as we hear there are “50 ways to kill a bill.”  Click to see more about our support for HB 109

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